Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Turkish historical housesThere are so many benefits of Turkish Citizenship. We’ll talk about nine. Your $250,000 investment will come with additional benefits. Below are the benefits you stand to gain by investing in this project.


As much as you will spend a considerably lower amount of money, you will experience value for your money. The total amount you spend on this investment is one of the lowest in the world. You will find nowhere such a lucrative deal with amazing benefits accompanying the project.

Access to UK and US

US and UK have many quote limitations against some countries in the world. Most of them are those outside Europe and North America. When living in such nations, Turkey is a savior to you. By agreeing to this deal, you open up opportunities to move to the US and/or the UK. The existing programs between these superpowers make it easy for their citizens to move around without limitations.


According to reports, Turkey has the third best healthcare system in the world. That means you also get access to their great healthcare system by acquiring their citizenship. Healthcare is very critical. Most people have been turned into beggars by enormous health bills. You surely do not want to end up there. A qualified healthcare provider will ensure you get well quickly and soon. That may mean reduced hospital bills.

One of the things that finish an economy is a poor healthcare system. An ailing people results in an ailing economy. People must be well for the economy to thrive. Turkey’s great healthcare system puts it above the rest. For that reason, its people stay healthy and the economy continues to boom.

Turkey citizenshipVisa-free travel

Your Turkish citizenship gives you the freedom to travel the world without the need for a visa. Although there’s a limit to which countries you can travel to. They are about 114! That’s still a good number.

No residency requirements

You need zero residencies to live and move around. Once you invest, you will have a right to move around Turkey going about your business.

A booming economy and great tourism

Turkey ranks in the top 15 of the best economies in the world. That not only means you will get a good deal, but your money will also grow fast within no time. About tourism, Turkey ranks in the top 10. That is why you want to go and live there. You will enjoy financial benefits as well as enjoy the tourism in the country.

Top schools

Education is the backbone of any economy. Although, top schools have so many requirements to be met for one to get there. As a Turkey citizen, you have these requirements reduced considerably. You even access to leading institutions like Harvard.

Real estate Turkey compass

Thriving real estate market

The real estate grows by 11% every year. That’s some good money. Let’s say you’ve invested $500,000. The amount would have grown by 11% within a year. What better deal do you want?

Tax advantage

You pay only 0.1% in form of property tax. In addition, you do not pay any tax for income earned outside Turkey. That’s some good deal there!

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