Windows 7 Issues You Need to Know

Many people love to use windows because it is so flexible and there have been a lot of people who use the windows as the basic OS for their computing. There have been some people that use Linux or even Macintosh for their computer, but it is rare. Linux may have a complicated user interface, and then Macintosh is quite expensive because it only exists in Apple products. However, there are still many people that stay with the Windows and even cannot move on from the Windows 7. The reason is simple. They cannot afford to buy the new one, and they want still to use the applications that can only run in Windows 7. However, when you are too loyal with Windows 7, you have to be sensitive to any kind of problems. You have to make sure that you know Windows 7 issues. Here are the issues you need to know.

It’s long to boot

The most common windows 7 issues is the time to boot. When it has been too long to use the PC, the performance of Windows 7 will get slower than before. It takes a long time to boot and start up, especially when you use your PC for hard work like design or render graphic works.

It wastes so much space of RAM

There are not many applications you have installed on your Windows 7 PC, but there are still many problems regarding the use of RAM. The fact is that the operating system itself wastes so much space of RAM. Although it uses so much RAM, there are still many people that love to keep using Windows 7

Malware issue

No matter what Anti-Virus you have installed in your Windows 7, it is still dangerous when you are inputting the flash drive to your computer. The anti-virus sometimes does not work properly.